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Monday, February 12, 2018

I'm off to Japan

I'm off to Japan from Miami International Airport tomorrow morning.

I had a great time at twice Gulfstream Park and Lexington!
Especially,I had a great time in Lexington much better than last summer.
I,hearty,wish I will come back again.

I added photo I'd taken in Kentucky on my SNS account.
Please look at and follow me!

I go to Tokyo Racecourse this weekend.
February Stakes and Hyacinth Stakes are held there on Sunday.
By the way,February Stakes is a graded1 race(dirt 1600 meters, for 4yo and up,Breeders' Cup Challenge for BC Classic). And Hyacinth Stakes is a listed race (dirt 1600 meters, for 3yo, Japan Road to Kentucky Derby).
I'm very excited because both race are connected with US races!

Paddock at Gulfstream Park Race Track
Feb.11.2018 Hallandale Beach,FL,USA

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I stay in Lexington now, too

I stay in Lexington for a while.Then I go to Gulfstream again this weekend.

I have a great time here as well as Pegasus World Cup Weekend.
I saw again California Chrome,Songbird and American Pharoah. I used to see them in California when they were race horses.
And Hishi Amazon.She,by Theatrical, was the former Japanese Queen from US. She gave me great memories when she ran at Japanese track.

I stay here for 2 days and leave on Thursday.Anyway, I enjoy during my stay here at first

Jan.30.2018 Millford Farm,Midway,KY,USA

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I arrived at Lexington from Miami

I arrived at Lexington this afternoon from Miami.

I had a great time last week at Gulfstream Park Race Track!
I went there for the first time. I was surprised at the big pegasus statue! That is very big I've expected!
And I forget now was January when I was there. Here is much colder than there.
But I am excited to imagine I will visit farms here! It has nothing to do with cold!
I enjoy here as usual.

Jan.26.2018 Gulfstream Park Race Track,Hallandale Beach,FL,USA