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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

From Arlington Park to Del Mar

I went to Arlington Park last weekend.
It was first time this year it didn't rain when I go there.

I arrived at Del Mar yesterday night.
I'll go to the track from Wednesday and stay until Closing Day, Sep.4.
I was very glad to have a great time with many people.
I'll concentrate on Del Mar Meeting from tomorrow.

Aug.12.2017 Arlington Park International Race Track
Arlington Heights,IL,USA

Friday, August 11, 2017

From Lexington

I stay Lexington from last Sunday.I visited some farms this week.
It was a wonderful time for me.

I have a car license in Japan.But I haven't driven a car over 10 years. A car isn't necessary at all if you live in urban or suburban area of Japan. Because public transportation is very convenient.
But a car is necessary absolutely in Lexington. I wasn't thinking of renting a car at all. Because I don't get used to drive at first. Moreover I don't know the roads.
On the other hand, Taxi is too expensive.Moreover almost taxi driver aren't good in US.
So, I used car dispatch service, like Uber, Lyft.
If this service isn't, I would have never visited farms.
Surely, developed technology sometimes causes evil thing.But I cannot help thanking developed technology.
I, hearty, come back to Kentucky as soon as possible.

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow for Arlington Million and etc. I wanna go there soon!

Millford Farm, Midway, KY, USA
The farm's owner, Bob is a breeder of Testa Matta(Japanese G1 February Stakes winner)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Irregular visiting and this weekend

I went to the barn my memorable horse stays in last week.
He ,Rock'in Ole Joe ,worked for the riding activity for the disabled people.He is a quarter horse and was born in US.
I visit him irregularly.
He is already 27 yo, but he eats very much now, too! I'm worried how long I need to pay his pension cost, ha ha!
In other words, he is very, very fine now!

I took him outside. He eats grasses earnestly!

By the way, I don't go to Japanese track this weekend, either.But I write Japanese track.
I'm off to United States this weekend! I go to Lexington, KY, at first this summer.Then I go to Arlington and Del Mar.
At first, I enjoy Kentucky.